Tide to Table

Annual national shrimp festival

OSAA has partnered with the folks at the Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores, AL for several years. We are part of the Marketing Tent and Cooking Demonstration Tent where we have the opportunity to talk to hundreds of folks during a 4 day event about the importance of buying and eating good, Alabama-US WILD CAUGHT Shrimp and other seafoods. Not only do we talk about AL WILD CAUGHT SHRIMP, after the cooking demonstration we let the folks sample good old Alabama Boiled Shrimp. We use Zatarain's crab boil and few other "Secret" ingredients to serve up the best mouth watering shrimp you've ever eaten. And guess what......the sample is FREE!!!!!  Be sure to stop by the Seafood Marketing Tent at the next Shrimp Festival. Click on this link to the Annual National Shrimp Festival website for information on this year's festival!   Be sure to come see us!

buckmaster's classic life hunt

It was an honor and privilege to prepare a meal for the participants and families of the Buckmaster's Classic Life Hunt!!   What a rewarding experience for OSAA, one we will always cherish.  The Hunt is an annual event for seriously ill and disabled kids and a few disabled adults.  Take a few minutes to read the article in this link about the Buckmaster's Hunt, the kids and the adults who participated in the pictures from this particular year and all those who made it possible.  You may know someone to nominate.  Again, we consider this event an honor to prepare and serve fresh, wild caught Alabama Gulf Seafood.

Seafood Savvy - shrimp

Educational event

Windmill Market, Fairhope AL - Seafood Savvy brought consumers together with the scientists, fishermen, processors and chefs who are experts about a particular species of Gulf Seafood for a fun and informative evening. Marine Biologist, Dr. Bill Walton, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, talked about the "ins and outs" of the Shrimp species, Rosa Zirlott, Organized Seafood Association of Alabama, talked about the shrimper's perspective. Beth Walton, Miss-AL Sea Grant Consortium, discussed ways to help connect consumers with local fishermen and restaurants.  Executive Chef Chis Ranicheck of the Noble South Restaurant shared and prepared his Shrimp Pate. After a Q&A time folks had a better understanding of how their shrimp gets from "tide to table", how to select shrimp, and the different types of shrimp usually available in area seafood markets!!

Catch up with Alabama's Wild Seafood

natural resource restoration project Oyster reef restoration shell planting

Sometimes mother nature needs a helping hand. The Oyster Reef Restoration Shell Planting Project did just that, under the direction of OSAA and using commercial oystermen and women,  clean old oyster shell was place on a barge and taken to areas where producing reefs are known to exist in shallow waters 4' and less.  From the barge the shell is loaded onto oyster boats then "planted" on  existing harvestable oyster reefs. Those who participated in the project were compensated by the number of loads of shells their boats could accommodate, up to 8 loads per day.  The project accomplished 1) keeping commercial oystermen employed during offseason and 2) oysters for the following harvest year!

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Crooked Oaks Farm in Notasulga, Alabama, this nationally renowned farm, owned by legendary coach Pat Dye, is the site of Quail Hollow gardens, a beautiful Japanese maple farm, and the Crooked Oaks Hunting Lodge. 

Organized Seafood Association of Alabama prepares Wild Caught Alabama Seafood for this event. We also set up our marketing and educational materials in the Outdoor Expo.  We have the opportunity to talk "Alabama Wild Caught Seafood" to hundreds of attendees, including why buy domestic product instead of imported.  We're always ready to educate folks on Gulf Seafood!!

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