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2012 Economic Impacts of the Alabama Seafood Industry (in thousands of dollars)

Landings Revenue - $46,340         Jobs - 9.947         Sales - $460,514         Income - $172,314         Value Added - $229,316

Data from "Economic and sociocultural Status and Trends Series" ,Complied by the US Department of Commerce,; Released February 2014.     You can read the entire report by clicking here.

tide to table

we catch it, clean it, pick it, shuck it, head it, grade it, bread it, pack it, freeze it, and ship it!!  From the waters to your table...

The Alabama Commercial Seafood Industry Is Dedicated To Making Sure You're
Getting the Highest Quality Product.

Support The Alabama Seafood Industry by Buying Alabama Wild Caught Seafood.

Alabama's Waters produce an abundance of fresh, quality seafood...

SMALL COASTLINE.....No Problem!!!

Wild-caught seafood - source matters

Have you ever thought about where your seafood comes from? It could have been caught in a wild fishery or harvested from an aquaculture operation. It might have come from the United States or maybe it was imported. Why does this matter? It's important to know the source of your seafood because not all of them measure up the same. 

Alabama Wild Caught seafood is caught under regulations that protect the health of the folks that eat it as well as the health of the marine environment and the animals that live in it,

                            the imports...well who knows.

By buying seafood from the US you're helping to conserve our ocean resources and support the economies and communities that ensure our sefood supply is safe, healthy and sustainable.


small coast

has a BIG impact!

Alabama water's provide the habitats that have spawned generations of seafood traditions. We have approximately 53 miles of coastline on the Gulf of Mexico in Mobile and Baldwin counties, from Mississippi to Florida. But when you add what's known as our tidal coastlines - including all the bays, rivers, creeks and bayous that meet Alabama's tidewaters - those 53 miles grow to over 600 miles! 

Our Small coast has a BIG IMPACT; the economic impact to the state of Alabama is around $445,000,000.00 per year, according to a 2013 report from the Alabama Seafood Marketing Commission.  Hardworking men and women with generations of experience means our seafood workers know how to reel in, prep, and cook the freshest catches.  The commercial seafood industry supports over 10,000 jobs just in coastal Alabama.  Along with jobs in harvesting and processing, Seafood Retailers generate a large number of jobs and value impacts, followed by the import sector, wholesalers and distributors. For the commercial industry the value and jobs created spread throughout the entire country.

You won't find better seafood - shrimp, crabs, oysters or fish - anywhere. We like our seafood caught from local waters not shipped on top of them. Always ask for domestic wild caught seafood at your favorite restaurant, grocery store or seafood market.

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