Shrimp Thibodaux

(Pecan Smoked Shrimp with Cinnamon and Brown Sugar, Citrus and
Watercress Salad, vanilla Bourbon Vinaigrette)

Prepared by Chef John Hamme, Executive Chef at Perdido

Beach Resort, Orange Beach, AL


2 lbs 16-20 Wild Alabama Gulf Shrimp, peeled and deveined with tails on


5 oz Salt

9 z Brown Sugar

5 each Juniper Berries, Curshed          How to Prepare Brine:  

5 each Black peppercorns, cracked      1) Place brine ingredients in a sauce pan and bring to a simmer. Allow to cool at room temperature, then strain

2 each Cinnamon Sticks                           and refrigerate until cool.

Pinch of Thyme                                   2) To cure the shrimp cover with brine and refrigerate for 15 minutes.

1/2 water                                           3) Remove the shrimp from the brine, rinse and cold smoke for 15 minutes

Easy method to cold smoke the shrimp:

Place the shrimp on a rack inside a metal tray, put wood chips on one corner of the rack, light the chips and blow out the flame. Place a plastic top over the top to catch the smoke for 15 minutes.

Citrus Watercress Salad:                           Toasted Candied Pecans:                                          How to Prepare Toasted Candied Pecans

2 bunches of Watercress                           2 cups pecan halves                                                  Spread pecan halves on a sheet pan lined with parch-

1/2 cup Toasted Candied Pecans               1 cup Florentine powder                                           ment paper, Coat Generously with Florentine Powder.

2 each Oranges, cut into segments            1 teaspoon Zatarain's Big Zesty Creole Seasoning       Bake 350 oven until caramelized, remove and sprinkle

                                                                                                                                              with Creole seasoning, let cool and break into pieces.

Vanilla Bourbon Vinaigrette                How to prepare Vinaigrette:

3 oz Smoked Bacon                             1. Cook Bacon slowly until fully rendered

1 oz Zatarain's Creole Mustard             2. Add the brown sugar and cook a moment longer

1 teaspoon Brown Sugar                      3. Add Zatarain's Creole Mustard and the vanilla

2 each Vanilla Beans                           4. Deglaze with bourbon and Champagne Vinegar

2 oz Bourbon

1 oz Champagne Vinegar

3 oz 80/20 Blended Olive Oil

Putting it all together:

1. Saute the smoked shrimp until just cooked.

2. Toss the watercress and orange segments in the vanilla Bourbon vinaigrette

3. Arrange the shrimp on a plate, place the salad on top of the shrimp and sprinkle the candied pecans on top

FEATURED recipes from 2014 National Shrimp Festival Chef cooking demonstration

potato wrapped Alabama gulf shrimp with grilled squash & garlic-truffle-chive drizzle

Prepared by Chef Chris Sherrill, Executive Chef & Restaurateur - Flora-Bama Yacht Club, Perdido Key, FL

Ingredients: Potato Wrapped Shrimp

24 - 16-20ct Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp peeled, deveined with tail on 

2 Russett Potatoes washed, peeled and run through a vegetable spiralizer

1 tsp Zatarain's Big & Zesty Blackening Creole Seasoning

Fryer set up with vegetable oil heated to 350 degrees

Heat grill, while the grill is heating place 1/2 of the herbs (rosemary and parsley) in 1/4 cub olive oil. Season shrimp with salt and pepper on both sides, drizzle half of the herb and oil mixture over the shrimp. Grill shrimp over medium high heat for 2-3 minutes on each side while basting with remaining oil and herb mixture. Remove from grill squeeze half a lemon over the shrimp and chill.


Quarter the Kalamata olives, julienne the roasted red peppers, mince the garlic and shallots, chop the remaining herbs. Place all ingredients in mixing bowl, add lemon zest, capers and a Tablespoon of olive oil. Blend ingredients thoroughly. Remove shrimp from refrigerator. Slice the shrimp lengthwise and add to the mixture.  Place back in the refrigerator for an hour.

Slice the French Bread and grill to the consistency of toast, brush on the mustard. Place the Tapenade mixture on the bread, top with the shaved parmesan and serve. Great for a quick appetizer!

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Grilled gulf shrimp tapenade crostini

Prepared by Chef Brody Olive, Executive Chef at The Beach Club, Gulf Shores, Alabama


1 lb 16-20ct Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp                       2 sprigs Rosemary, broken apart

        peeled and deveined                                       2 sprigs Parsley, chopped

1 cup Kalamata Olives                                             2 Lemons zested and juiced

1 Roasted bell pepper                                             1/4 Cup Olive Oil

3 cloves of garlic                                                     1  Loaf French Bread

2 small shallots, chopped                                         1/4 Cup Shaved Parmesan

1 Tablespoon capers                                                2 Tablespoon Zatarain's Mustard

Kosher Salt and Course Ground Black Pepper to taste

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Tide to Table

Toss peeled shrimp with Zatarain's Big & Zesty Blackening Creole Seasoning. Using a vegetable spiralizer make long continuous strand of potato strings. Place these string into brined ice water.   Wrap shrimp with the potato strings. Carefully place the wrapped shrimp into the hot grease barely submerging the shrimp. Allow potato to crisp golden brown. Set aside.


Ingredients: 4 medium size yellow squash cut into planks lengthwise                   3 tablespoon olive oil

2 teaspoon Zatarain's Big & Zesty Garlic & Herb Creole Seasoning                        Very Hot grill

Cut squash into planks lengthwise toss in olive oil and season with Zatarain's Big & Zesty Garlic & Herb Creole Seasoning. Grill on high heat, keep warm and set aside.


2 heads of Elephant garlic peeled into cloves              1 teaspoon olive oil                         Sea salt to taste

1/2 pound chives                                                       1 cup black truffle oil

Toss all the above ingredients into a food processor and blend until smooth. Set aside

Timing everything to cook and come up together is important. place the grilled squash planks on your serving platter, place the shrimp on top of squash, drizzle the garlic-truffle-chive mixture on the shrimp and serve.  Makes a great appetizer!

gulf shrimp jambalaya pasta

Prepared by Chef Carl Tilley, Executive Chef at Kitchen on

George, Mobile, AL


1 1/3 teaspoon Zatarain's Creole seasoning, divided

3 1/2 teaspoon Zatarain's Blackening Seasoning (more or less depending if desired)

2 fl oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil

10 - 16/20 Wild Caught Alabama Shrimp, peeled and deveined

5 oz Andouille Sausage, thinly sliced

1 C Shredded Romano Cheese (can substitute Parmesan)

1 1/2 C dried pasta of your choice                     3/4 C chopped tomato

1/2 C Yellow onion, medium, dice                     1 C Heavy Cream

1/4 C red bell pepper, medium dice                  1 green onion thinly sliced on the bias

1/4 C Green bell pepper, medium dice              1/2 C White Wine           

1 Tablespoon fresh thyme leaves                       1/4 C chopped fresh parsley           Tabasco sauce to taste         2 Tablespoons Kosher Salt

Cook Pasta in salted water until desired consistency. Strain water and set aside. Heat Oil in sauté pan. While oil is heating, coat shrimp with blackening seasoning. Add onions, peppers, tomatoes, and sausage, and use about 1/3 of the creole seasoning.

Cook until vegetables began to soften. Add shrimp. When shrimp is about half cooked, deglaze with wine and add another 1/3 of the creole seasoning.

When the wine is almost all reduced, add heavy cream. let the cream reduce slightly, add tabasco, remaining creole seasoning, most of the cheese and most of the parsley. let the cheese melt into the sauce.

Add pasta and stir or toss to incorporate. Remove from heat and place in bowl. Garnish with remaining cheese, parsley, a little blackening seasoning, and green onions.